ModusNatura was founded in 1999 by a team of professionals with more than 23 years of experience. We started as an international distributor of high quality furniture.

Today, we create our own designs and manufacture them in our own factories. Also, we custom make for our customers all around the world. Europe has since overtaken Asia, to become our largest export market.

To continuously create outstanding designs using high quality with naturally derived materials, we introduced two designer collections known as Done and an2.

Done features clean-stylish designs from renowned award-winning Finnish designers, Mr Pentti Hakala and Mr Mikko Tapani Paakkanen. Specialized in asian-style weaving, they also used Aniline premium thick leather and solid wood such as walnut and thick wood for their exclusive designs.

an2 features lifestyle accessories inspired by Thai and Japanese culture. Products speciality is in lacquer wares, pearl, shell, wood and thai silk. Natural materials like bamboo, driftwood, tree trunks and roots are used to create accessories, which blend well with the home environment, making it more lively and cozy.

Our strength lies in our technical and production team who are in sync with designing beautiful products that requires skilled craftsmanship. Together with our successful launch of Done and an2, we believe the eventual series to be contributed from other renowned designers will make the collection a distinctive mark of excellence for the global market.