Pentti Hakala

Graduated from the University of Art and Design,
Helsinki, interior architect and designer Pentti
Hakala has been designing furniture for several
different manufacturers, such as Avarte, Inno,
Lepoproduct, Martela, Korhonen and Mobel.
He has also won numerous awards and
scholarships during his career.

Mikko Tapani Paakkanen

An internationally known furniture designer,
Mikko Tapani Paakkanen is fond of materials
of fine quality and customized manufacturing
methods. Combining his talents as a designer
and a carpenter, his every work attracts attention.


Inspired by Thai and Japanese culture, AnAn
designed for many celebrities in Asia, e.g.
Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. His
speciality includes products made from lacquer
ware, bamboo, tree trunks, pearl, shell, wood,
Thai silk, etc.